Boot Brawl is an 11-round heavyweight bout of pushups between Marcus Luttrell, Randy Couture and their respective teams.


• The WINNER of Boot Brawl will be the team that wins the majority of the 11 rounds. 
• Team Couture and Team Luttrell will have 10 rounds of 10 pushers per round doing as many pushups as they can in 90 seconds. The team that does the most pushups wins that round. 
• Before the teams meet on October 9th, they must make weight (since this IS a charity event), which means that each team needs to raise at least $10,000 on their Crowdrise page. For every $1,000 short of that goal, one pusher per round is lost!
• YOU can help Team Luttrell and Team Couture make weight by donating to their team's Crowdrise fundraiser benefitting Boot Campaign.
• The 11th round of Boot Brawl is the Fan Round – the winner will be the team that gets the most pushups from fans at home. Starting NOW and until the final bell rings in Las Vegas on October 9th, you can join Boot Brawl’s Fan Round. Post your videos and/or messages showing your pushups to your social media accounts and tag Boot Campaign as well as the following hashtags: #BootBrawl and the team you’re supporting: #TeamLuttrell or #TeamCouture.  
• Once you’ve posted your pushups, and/or made your donations to Team Luttrell or Team Couture, you can CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS and ask them to help support Boot Brawl! Help US further the mission of Boot Campaign by joining Boot Brawl today.